Project Introduction

After knowing I can install Alexa of Amazon in Raspberry Pi, I purchase some material for that and test function of voice service.

And I think it would be nice to use Philips Hue, which can be controlled remotely, and control it with alexa.

Furthermore, I can even listen Audible by voice command of Alexa.

In addition, a smart plug that can control Wi-Fi like Gosund can be connected to Alexa.

If many device can be controlled by voice, it is expected that a high level smart home can be implemented.

Materials what I use in this project

  1. Raspberry Pi 3
  2. 16GB SD Card
  3. 7 inch touch screen for Pi
  4. Philips hue starter kit
  5. Logitech Web cam for mike
  6. Audible account

How to set up Alexa in Raspberry Pi

Alexa for Raspberry Pi.

In my case, I am able to install it without any major problems. But if I do not connect the microphone, it wouldn’t run properly, so when testing, be sure to enable and use the microphone.

How to enable skill of Alexa

Alexa setting page.

At first I was a little lost for finding a place to connect Philips Hue with alexa and a to play music. I confirme that all settings related to Alexa can be done on that page.

How to use a Rasberry Pi Alexa in your life

I personally install Alexa on the desk where I work and use it. It is very convenient because various functions such as radio, audio book, and lighting management can be controlled by voice.

Raspberry Pi Alexa test 1 Raspberry Pi Alexa test 2 Click to Watch!

Alexa Voice Skill developing

Still working!